Divorce DIY How Much Does it Cost


Needless to say, filing for a divorce is a serious decision that can alter your finances and the relationships within your family. Unfortunately, most methods of divorce are extremely expensive and can lead to bankruptcy and utter financial ruin. If you are contemplating a split from your spouse, it’d be best to consider the required outgoing costs it will take to finalize your divorce.

One of the most affordable divorce options is to simply do it yourself. This process is straightforward and gives you the opportunity to avoid overspending. Read on to learn about the costs of obtaining a divorce without a third party.

Typical DIY Divorce Prices are Affordable

If you are considering filing for a divorce without breaking the bank, do-it-yourself divorce is your most affordable alternative. In this method, you will only be responsible for paying fees relating directly to your paperwork and filing.

The average cost needed to complete your divorce yourself ranges from $300 to $1500, usually depending on how extensive your case is and how much paperwork is required. No matter what, you will be required to pay filing and court fees that are approximately $300, along with other additional fees coming from valuations and paperwork commensurate with your specific situation.

Is DIY Divorce Practical?

Do-it-yourself divorce is a practical method of expediting the normal divorce process. With the absence of a third party, such as an attorney or mediator, you and your spouse will have to come to a mutual agreement on all of the conditions in your divorce settlement. If this can be amicably accomplished within a reasonable time, your divorce can be finalized by the time all of your paperwork has been filed.

Unless you and your spouse are on good terms, do-it-yourself divorce isn’t an ideal alternative. It’s best to consult with your spouse to gauge your joint ability to decide on critical issues, such as the distribution of assets, child custody, etc. If you and your spouse can’t get along, pursuing this option won’t be wise, even if you can’t afford other options.

What are the Disadvantages?

Although do-it-yourself divorce is universally affordable, it does have some noteworthy disadvantages. For most couples, divorce is a bitter struggle to end a marriage. For this reason, it can be complicated for couples to establish common ground and make necessary decisions. In this case, it can prolong divorce proceedings and make the entire process more uncomfortable for all parties.

If there is discord between you and your spouse, it’s imperative to alternatively work with an attorney or mediator to efficiently accomplish your divorce’s key objectives. If you’re on your own, moving on with your divorce can be near impossible if both parties are unwilling to cooperate.

In conclusion, a do-it-yourself divorce is an incredible option for divorcees that are achieving an amicable divorce. Despite the affordability of this option, you should be cognizant of your relationship with your spouse before you try to file for divorce on your own.