Divorce Can Be Scary! Check Out These 3 Divorce Horror Stories


Divorce can be a challenging process, no matter how cordial your separation may be. Per the United States Census Bureau, divorce rates are steadily rising among individuals 50 and older. Some divorces happen smoothly, while others end in a bitter struggle.

According to psychotherapist Toni Coleman, divorce doesn’t always end amicably.

“People often underestimate the potential stress and fallout that they will face when they decide to divorce” “Too often, they assume their partner will be reasonable and will want to work together in order to minimize the emotional and financial toll on themselves and any children they may share.”

Apparently, this isn’t always the case with couples heading to divorce. Here are four horror stories that shed light on abnormal divorce situations.

Divorce Doesn’t End All Problems

Suffice it to say, the end of a divorce doesn’t eliminate bad blood between two former spouses. There are many instances in which individuals will harass their previous spouses for their own financial gain. 53-year-old Kenneth Gilley experienced his wife being intimidated by her ex-husband that resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

“In 2009, I remarried. There had been years when my wife’s ex-husband legally and financially bullied her as a single mother. “However, I never imagined that nine years later, my total legal costs would exceed $60,000 because of her ex-husband’s harassing lawsuits and non-compliance with court orders.”

Restraining Orders Can Be Disastrous

In specific situations, restraining orders can exacerbate divorce proceedings, primarily because it prevents two former spouses from agreeing to a mutual divorce settlement. Using the anonymous case of a 42-year-old divorced father, a bitter spouse can file a restraining order to even receive full custody of the couple’s children.

“I came home from work not knowing there was a restraining order against me — the lock had been changed and I was trying to get into my house. My then-wife had called the police in advance: I was arrested within minutes and charged with the felony of violating a restraining order.

Violating a restraining order can immediately result in a felony, and that could instantly eliminate a person’s chances of gaining full custody of their children. That’s exactly what happened to this individual who was sabotaged by this legal maneuver

Disappearance Before Divorce

Couples that file for divorce generally have to cite why for court purposes. If your spouse suddenly disappears, you can cite abandonment as the reason for your divorce. 33-year-old Kiedra recalled a time where her ex-husband cheated on her and mysteriously disappeared, leaving her and their autistic son alone.

She eventually filed for divorce, but her former spouse was nowhere to be found. The courts even had to assign an independent individual to attend to the need of their son in his absence.

“To get a court date, I had to run an ad in the paper for 30 days. After another 30 days, I received my court date and they attempted to serve him, but since they couldn’t find him, they granted me my divorce.”