Divorce Costs: 5 Important Things Lawyers Don’t Want You to Know


Divorce is a simple, straightforward procedure, right? Wrong! If you choose to pursue a divorce, you’re in for a lengthy process that could lead to exorbitant lawyer fees and other associated costs. The fact of the matter is that divorce happens differently than it’s advertised on television shows and movies. If you’re not prepared for filing a divorce, you could blindly walk into financial ruin.

Particularly, there are a few misconceptions about divorce lawyers that you should be made aware of. For this reason, let’s explore five important things lawyers don’t want you to know about divorce.

You’ll Pay Way More Than What’s Advertised

The United States divorce rate has steadily increased since the 1960s. Consequently, a growing amount of lawyers have risen up to the task to help an increasingly amount of people obtain a divorce. The growing demand for divorce evidently contributes to high attorney costs that are associated with divorce. Unfortunately, these costs are only the beginning of what you may pay if you are considering a divorce.

To take advantage of unsuspecting people, many lawyers employ the cheap strategy of advertising cheap divorce rates. This desperate attempt fools people into believing they can feasibly afford their services. In reality, these lawyers will charge you $15,000 to $30,000, and that doesn’t take into account their hourly rates which can exceed $1000.

Your Lack of Understanding Will Cost You

Chances are if you are unfamiliar with the fiscal costs of divorce, you are bound to spend more money on obtaining a divorce. Divorces often require difficult financial calculations, such as determining the future value of a 401(k). These calculations are outside of the expertise of most lawyers. In fact, outside of custody issues, divorces are primarily based on finances.

Your attorney will work with you to handle the administrative tasks of divorce. However, when it comes to the financial aspect, you will likely have to hire an accountant or another financial professional to assist you. Sadly, this information is rarely given to individuals seeking a divorce until it’s too late.

Many Lawyers Aren’t Experienced

Law is a very diverse and complicated field. Most lawyers are general practitioners, meaning that they are skilled enough to handle everything from personal injury to divorce. Nonetheless, general practitioners may only take care of a few divorce cases per year. This rate is unideal for people looking for an experienced attorney for their divorce case.

Law firms that have a variety of service areas may look professional to prospective clients, but these firms are almost always inexperienced when handling serious divorce cases like yours. According to New York lawyer Sari Friedman, “Law is very vast with a lot of nuances. You need a lawyer who knows the law and has seen a lot of these nuances.”

In conclusion, there are many vital aspects of divorce that you may not be initially aware of. It’s essential to learn about these common industry misconceptions and tricks to avoid being taken advantage of by the legal system.