These ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars are Now Divorced. This is What They’re Doing Now


Shockingly, there are still a few couples still together in the reality TV series, 90 Day Fiance. On this particular show, couples experience extreme stress in their relationships on their way to marriage. Therefore, it’s often surprising for fans to learn that a few of the show’s main characters are still married.

However, for most of the show’s participants, the married life has not been very kind. Some of the show’s most popular characters have already filed for divorce. Despite these divorces, these couples didn’t go away quietly. Read on to learn more about the former couples who filed for divorce after the show and what they are doing now.

Mohamed and Danielle

Mohamed and Danielle are perhaps the most famous couple from the show. These two were known for their tremendous age difference and their immense dislike for one another. In fact, on their wedding day, Mohamed infamously refused to kiss Danielle at the conclusion of the ceremony. After formally tying the knot, the reality TV couple is now heading towards divorce after Mohamed’s rumored infidelity.

After being confronted by Danielle, Mohamed refuted any cheating claims and instead insisted that his former wife was crazy, demanded sex from him, and lied about her finances. After their divorce was finalized, Mohamed moved on and is now specializing in self-help videos and photography. On the contrary, Danielle is currently thriving from her television fame by selling photos and autographs on Instagram.

Molly and Luis

After Molly, 41, met Luis, 26, in the Dominican Republic on a vacation, she decided to take him back with her to the United States. Molly brought two kids into the relationship, and she expected a suitable role model for her children. Though Luis only wanted to party and adventure in the U.S instead of accepting serious responsibilities. The two eventually eloped, but their marriage fell apart in just six months.

After their divorce, Molly and Luis went their separate ways and are now enjoying their lives as single individuals.  Prior to the show, Molly ran a successful lingerie business and she hasn’t stopped working on her business. She is also aiming to pursue a music career in the future.

As for Luis, he is currently living in New Jersey without any clear career or project goals. It remains to be seen if he will be deported back to the Dominican Republic, but he has carved out a large social media following, posting pictures of his haircuts, delicious food, and his trips to Yankee games on Instagram.

Yamir and Chelsea

In the second season of 90 Day Fiance, Yamir Castillo moved to the United States from Nicaragua to marry his girlfriend, Chelsea Macek. Initially, the couple fought over Yamir’s priorities, which seemed to be focused on his burgeoning music career. Ultimately, Yamir chose to become a musical artist and he and his wife divorced in 2017.

Yamir is currently creating music videos on YouTube. Chelsea is now living in Colorado Springs with her girlfriend, Erin. The two share an Instagram account that details their self-care lifestyle.